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Robanting Services is a highly specialized aerial spraying operator. Established by Rob & Ant Weaver with over 9000 hours and 30 years combined crop spraying experience, we can provide a cost effective crop spraying solution to its clients. We are a proven and effective team dedicated to providing our clients in the sugarcane industry with a high quality high value service. Our offering is ideally suited to KZN's small fields and undulating terrain achieving superior crop spraying results.

We utilise the most modern and advanced CDA (Controlled Droplet Atomizers), resulting in a more uniform droplet spectrum with the narrowest Relative Span reducing drift and overspray whilst providing excellent coverage and proven efficacy. We currently operate on the KZN North Coast with the intention of expanding northwards. Our model is simple:

Tiered price per ha

Request a quote to see all the pricing tiers available

No ferrying charges

We will get to you without you worrying about the cost

Additives Incl.

e.g. Interlock, HR Oil, Aquarite 5 and wetter; incl in the price

Info on demand

Extra maps showing spray area and/or no flags


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